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Personal Protection Kits

Personal Protection Kits

Make sure you’re prepared for spills in your facility with this personal protection spill kit. This kit contains all the PPE items needed to clean up a spill including:

  • Boots
  • Coveralls
  • Gloves
  • Goggles 

An easy-to-carry plastic bag keeps the kit’s contents dry and organized until they’re needed. Have these kits on hand at your workplace so employees can quickly handle spills.

Personal Kits

Disposable Mask, Cap, 2 Shoe Covers, Gown, 2 Nitrile Exam Gloves (Large), (Non-Sterile) (LF)

Disposable Mask w/ Eye Shield, Gown, Shoe Covers, 1 Pr Nitrile Gloves (Medium), (Non-Sterile) (LF)

Disposable Mask w/ Ties, Mask w/ Ear Loops, Gown, Cap, Shoe Covers, 1 Pr Vinyl Gloves (Medium), (Non-Sterile)

Disposable Mask w/ Earloops, Gown, 1 Pr Vinyl Gloves (Medium), (Non-Sterile)

Disposable Mask, Bonnet, Isolation Gown, Shoe Covers, 1 Pr Vinyl Exam Gloves (Medium), (Non-Sterile)

Disposable Mask, Disposable Gown, Vinyl Exam Gloves ( 1 Pr Med/1 Pr Large) (Non-Sterile)

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